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Have you heard of franchising but wondered what its all about? A franchise is quite simply a tried and tested business concept that can be replicated under the terms of a franchise agreement. It's like have license to use an existing brand and business system, but the beauty of a franchise is in the fact that you are not just buying an idea and left to get on with it. A good franchisor provides initial training to ensure you have the skills you need to trade the proven business method in order to duplicate the success of the original business. In addition, the franchiser should then provide on going support to help you make the most of the business you are building.

When you buy a franchise, you will often also be liable to pay on going management fees back to the franchiser which are usually a small percentage of your profits or turnover. These management fees are used to further develop and improve the franchise system, provide the on going training and support, and some franchisers also put aside some of the money to allow for a national advertising campaign which raises the overall brand recognition and can benefit all the franchisee outlets.

Franchising in Australia

Franchising has been around for many years in Australia, but has become even more popular over the last 30 years. By choosing a franchise business, you are building your own business on a concept that provides a reduced risk than simply starting up a business by yourself.

When considering a franchise, make sure you take into account such things as the location you wish to trade, the amount of finance you might have available to invest and the type of industry you might like work in. These days, with literally hundreds of different franchise business types, you will be hard pushed to not find a franchise that is within your scope of interest and budget.

As with any business, a franchise will require plenty of hard work. A proven franchise system does give you a head start in terms of reduced risk, but any business requires a lot of dedication, commitment and hard work. Once you have found the right franchise business that suits you and that you believe in, make sure you commit to following the proven system in order to have the best possible chance of success.

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